Accomodating people with disabilities

You can tell that he loves his job which makes the class even better. I encourage you to make sure you don't skip out on a class because he covers a lot of info. All of his test questions come directly from the power point. If you have issues with a question during a test, ask him a question, he makes it so easy for you to understand he practically gives you the answer. He's almost TOO nice and lets people get away with a lot.The notes are great and as far as tests, study sheets are provided. I'd definitely recommend him for any science courses. He was accomodating to the students with learning disabilities.Took him for lab and it wasn't hard, as long as you show up and do your work you should be good.His directions are a little unclear sometimes but besides that worth taking, would take again.Arthritis includes approximately 100 inflammatory and noninflammatory diseases that affect the body's joints, connective tissue, and other supporting tissues such as tendons, cartilage, blood vessels, and internal organs.There are more than 100 different types of arthritis and the cause of most types is unknown (Arthritis Foundation, 2011a).I have been told that there is nothing the school can do about his behavior because the law is absolute.

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I was told they don't use a computer for bookings they write it down on slips of paper and enter it at a later date????? Was not the only one that this happened to for the same wedding.

The law does not require that any percent of children be educated in general ed classes any percent of the time.

If the district is using a formula (80%), they do not understand the “ “To the maximum extent appropriate, children with disabilities …

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