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I may publish it to the bot directory, but it's not necessary 3.I could use ngrok to create the endpoint on my local machine - or I could publish the bot on Azure, AWS or somewhere else?These sites are great resources and landing spots for future storytellers.Suggest them to your teen writer (or maybe just leave this list lying around somewhere where it’ll be seen).We believe that a thoughtful portrayal of disability requires more than memorizing a list of symptoms; we hope that sharing disabled people’s thoughts on stereotypes, pet peeves, particular portrayals, and their own day-to-day experiences will help our readers learn about the realities of disability, which are often different from what we see in popular media.You will need to register the bot in the Bot Framework portal and enable the Web Chat channel.The emulator might be abstracting all of that behind the scenes in the code (as it also based on the Web Chat control). It’s exciting when your bookworm teen announces his or her plans to be a writer.

A new mobile app called Tap, launching today, introduces a different way to read stories on your phone: as text message-like chats.For this Twitter chat we are delighted to have guest hosts from Disability in Kidlit: Disability in Kidlit is dedicated to discussing the portrayal of disability in middle grade and young adult literature.We publish articles, reviews, interviews, and discussions examining this topic from various angles—and always from the disabled perspective.If you want to run it locally, you still need to register the bot as you need a Direct Line secret.The Web Chat is just a layer on top of the Direct Line API and thus, in order to use it you need to get a secret.