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But I do feel we need to own up to the fact that certain mood swings DO cause the behaviors we want to sweep under the carpet.The three symptoms below represent the side of bipolar disorder we all know is there, but we rarely want to let the public know exists.Perodua’s A-segment offering is already more than a decade old and the standards of how big an A-segment car should be has pretty much changed.The Kancil has become too small for anyone other than the very poor.Families and partners suffer in silence because they are scared to tell anyone about what really goes on at home.I have violent and HOMMICIDAL thoughts when the dysphoric mania is raging.So sorry to hear about Gillian B's very untimely passing. My mum and her new boyfriend had just left the house, and my brother was upstairs listening to music.

I work with parents and partners of those with bipolar disorder. Fast I know how important it is to protect the reputation of bipolar disorder in the general public.We don’t want people thinking we are dangerous, scary, crazy people who can’t be trusted.Inheriting Daihatsu’s K-car expertise, the Perodua Viva shares the Myvi’s space-efficient interior engineering.In terms of interior length, the Perodua Viva is actually longer than the Perodua Myvi, at 1845mm compared to the Perodua Myvi’s 1835mm.