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People talking about repetitive, cliche, plot already used.

What they don't think for a moment this is a manga from 1998 and is probably the father of the harem and slice of life genres also the comedy used was nailed for that time and era, the thing is people or younger generations have being seeing this plot already in plenty other newer mangas who use and improve the series formula create it for Akamatsu sensei, I don't disagree with if you read it now you are going to find this silly and simple.

I hope it'll go in a different way than other harems: the main character would love the tsundere tomboy childhood friend, not the cute love-at-first-sight/we-both-have-feelings-for-each-other-but-too-shy-to-confess. The characters are great with various personalities including the cats.

Nothing special, but it's great to read fun & cute manga to relax your mind once in a while.

With the anime & manga community now generally numb to the cliches and tropes of the harem genre, it’s easy to forget that, when looking at it’s very concept, there are a lot of issues with it, mainly the unrealistic expectations they set up in regards to how men interact with women.

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The story follows the relationships between these characters and the awkward situations they find themselves in, feature at least some “fanservice” (putting the girls on display for the sexual gratification of the male viewer) and end with the most prominent girl being chosen as the “winner” – that is, if they ever end at all.

Examples of the harem genre include , following a high school student who gets married to an alien princess.