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The study reveals that the ads registering the most positive emotional response during the brand payoff are also extremely high (above norm) on overall emotional engagement.“It is important that product and brand moments elicit positive emotion,” adds Moses.The i-Tags, along with the "Avatar" action figures they're based on, will be released in October in advance of the December 18 release of Cameron's film.

Many sites encourage users to report harassing or dubious content.

Then select ‘Schedule Interview’ from the dashboard.

We are grateful to all the photographers who have submitted their images of the Norwich Peregrines for publication on the Urban Peregrine Projects web site.

I have seen the future of toys, and it is augmented reality.

That was my conclusion Monday after seeing Mattel's i-Tags, new technology that will be included with action figures the company will make for "Titanic" director James Cameron's new film, "Avatar." For those not familiar with augmented reality, it's an overlay of digital information or imagery on top of real-world objects.