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Although he is known by the name Bug Hall, as a child, he was named as Brandon Hall.He has been active in the acting field since 1994 and from that time onward, he has been very successful and popular and has also gained a large number of fans following. During the 1990s, he was the most popular child actor.It looks like "Little Rascals" leader, Alfalfa, has officially left the "He-Man Woman Haters" club!Bug Hall, who played Alfalfa in the hit 1994 film married his girlfriend, Jill Marie De Groff over the weekend in Encino, California, in a stunning church ceremony.In 1998, he played the lead as Scout Bozell in the film Safety Patrol.Bug Hall also starred in Disney's Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves as Adam Szalinski.Darla Hood sits in the middle of th (Photo by Getty Images/Getty Images)American child actor Billie 'Buckwheat' Thomas (1931 - 1980) in a promotional portrait for the Hal Roach 'Our Gang' (aka 'The Little Rascals') comedy film series, circa, 1938.(Photo by Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images)Fatty Arbuckle and African American child stand beside a Negro girl riding in a soapbox on a poster that advertises the Pathecomedy movie 'Our Gang - Baby Brother - Little Rascals,' 1923.

CLICK HERE to view "Child Stars Of The '90s — Where Are They Now?!After that, he made his appearance in The Stupid of John Landis and a soccer comedy called The Big Green.In 1996, Hall won the nomination for Young Star Award for the Best Performance by Young Actor in Made For TV Movie for his work in Fox telefilm known as The Munster’s Scary Little Christmas as Eddie Munster. But he's not the only child star of the '90s you wouldn't recognize today! We're guessing the whiskers are a temporary look for his upcoming western .