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It starts, like a high school dance, with groups of boys and girls in separate clumps, occasionally shaking hands and checking each other out - while mothers and fathers stay discreetly in the background.

The event's reputation as a 'bridal market' goes back generations.

It used to take place in a muddy open field next to a horse-trading market in a small village, where brides-to-be stood on stage with suitors competing for their hand.

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The assailant, Three Finger, then kills Nick with an arrow through the face.Danny shoots a deer then a sheriff is killed by Three Finger.As Toni gets dressed, she sees Jackson wipe off blood from the wall, and she takes Vic along with her to look for Danny.Danny and his girlfriend Toni, Bryan and his girlfriend Jillian, Vic, Rod, and Charlie go to the Hobb Springs Resort, where they meet caretakers Sally and Jackson, who take them in though they were not expecting so many guests.Agnes, a vacationer, is soon attacked, possibly by Saw Tooth or One Eye, throwing an axe at her. Charlie, Vic, and Rod swim outside as Toni takes a bath and Jackson takes Danny out in the woods to hunt.