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Telephone fraud is where fraudsters attempt to dupe people into transferring money directly into criminals’ accounts, or hand over bankcards, personal information and PINs over the phone, or to couriers.

Scammers claim to represent a range of familiar companies and organisations, including the police, banks or utility companies.

The case followed comments Tuesday by Commissioner of Police Stephen Lo Wai-chung warning of a rise in phone scams in September and October this year.

He said more than 200 phone scams had taken place over the two months.

The case came to light when she filed a report at Sai Kung police station on Thursday.

Detectives from Wong Tai Sin police station were investigating. Police were understood to be checking CCTV footage to identify the male scammer who collected the cash in Central.

Research from the Money Advice Service has shown close to one in ten (7%) or 3.5million adults have fallen victim to a scam call since 2010.

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The new variety of phone scam happened when the woman, 66, was at her Sai Kung home and received a landline call at about 10.30am Wednesday from an English-speaking man who claimed he was an officer from Scotland Yard.

Hong Kong woman loses more than HK.7 million to phone scammers “She was accused of being involved in a bank fraud case that transpired in London,” the source said.

He also warned that phone scammers had recently pretended to be Hong Kong immigration officers, police officers and home affairs department officers to lure targets.

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