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Bush and the steamy secret affair he had with his Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. 6 when a long time White House chef blew the whistle on the presidential hanky-panky in a shocking book.

“The FBI told me not to talk, which I think was kinda weird,” the 60-year-old chef tells Radar.

The floodgates opened for the then national security adviser in February 2004, as the Bush administration was wrestling with growing instability in Iraq and the legal status of detainees at the Guantanamo Bay detention camp.

A new biography of Vice President Dick Cheney, called Angler after his Secret Service codename, recounts how he and Mr Rumsfeld conspired to delay the military tribunals which the president had ordered to be set up to try the terrorist suspects.

Never has a young Canadian politician looked more smitten than Peter Mac Kay when he met then U. Worn out by the heavy demands of her job, Rice had decided to give President George W.

But Rice says in her recently released memoirs that while she found Mac Kay charming enough there was no truth whatsoever to rumours of them having a fling. While love never blossomed between the then foreign minister and Rice, she does credit Mac Kay’s down-east hospitality and the good times they shared while visiting Nova Scotia in September 2006 with her decision not to quit.

[ Want to entertain attendees at your next Rotary Club luncheon with amusing anecdotes about the disastrous war in Iraq, the mismanagement of US foreign policy, and the crumbling of diplomatic relations with countless foreign nations?

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Rice said her favorite Thanksgiving food is mac 'n' cheese, a sentiment that Watts seconded. Even brutal dictators have schoolboy crushes, apparently. The White House romp he learned about occurred after a one-on-one late night foreign policy meeting that was followed by an even later dinner of rice pilaf, soup and salad, which Seaton served the two.Seaton tells Radar that First Lady Laura Bush learned about the “meeting” and confronted her husband several weeks later, incredibly in front of awestruck kitchen staff, including Seaton.Mr Rumsfeld was fired in 2006 as Iraq descended into civil war and Guantanamo Bay became a byword for abuse of power.Now Secretary of State, Miss Rice, assisted by Mr Rumsfeld's replacement Robert Gates, fought and won a bureaucratic battle for President Bush's ear and the direction of US foreign policy that gradually marginalised the influence of hawks like Mr Cheney.