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The Bears hiring of John Fox was the first time since George Halas re-assumed the reign of the Bears in 1958 from Paddy Driscoll that the Bears hired a head coach that had experience as a head coach.

Driscoll is the only other Bear Head Coach in their history with previous experience as a head coach.

"One of the most appealing things about this job is I've been in places like this before, Pittsburgh and New York. Four times as a coordinator, his teams finished in the top ten in yards.

Connie Mack described his curve as the “fastest and deepest I’ve ever seen.” Johannes Peter Wagner (1874-1955) was, simply, the greatest shortstop who ever played the game.

The Pittsburgh icon was among the first five selections to Cooperstown in 1936 in recognition of overall prowess afield, at bat and on base unparalleled in baseball.

She’s also dressed in a shirt and skirt of the red, white, and blue with a pair of roman sandals.

And of course, Mc Cutcheon’s iconic dog looks up at them in the foreground.