Dating bars in mumbai

It’s almost on a daily basis that we hear instances of female party-goers being harassed or molested by drunken men.There are hence, a number of factors that a woman has to consider before making all-night drinking plans.There are all manner of places in Mumbai that are great for exploring with a bunch of friends.But what if you're on your own but still want to get out and about?

The music does not overpower conversations and its proximity to the railway station and prime location earns it brownie points.

Pub owners and restaurateurs have realized that it’s the level of comfort, over and above the quality of food and drinks, that keeps some one coming back to a place again and again.

India still remains a country where public spaces are restricted for women.

Mumbai, thankfully, boasts of a good amount of pubs and restaurants that allow single women to let their guards down, unwind and drink the night away.

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