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Above, a rendition of the Cherokee on the "Trail of Tears."Reproduction courtesy of the Granger Collection, New York Cherokee Indian Cases (1830s) In the cases Cherokee Nation v. In Worcester, the Court ruled that only the United States, and not the individual states, had power to regulate or deal with the Indian nations.In 1828, the state of Georgia passed a series of laws stripping local Cherokee Indians of their rights.

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I've never told much of my story about my grandmother being mistreated, but I have mentioned too many that a big part of me is Cherokee!Here was our visitors comments about her life as a Cherokee Indian: There is no reason why I would be ashamed of my heritage, so I thought I would comment on your pages about the Cherokee Indians.I am proud that I am part Cherokee and am very interested in the heritage and all the Cherokee history.These lost Cherokee had gone to the Valley of the Mountains of the Moon and the first American site of the church of the principle people, which was called Ka tu wah; they were seekers of religious and personal freedom who had left in a mass exodus, amounting to twenty-five percent of all Cherokee people, in 1721 led by "Dangerous Man." Sequoyah secured permission from the government of Mexico to have the Cherokee people he was leading secure a place to live in freedom.Upon hearing that he most famous Native American was encouraging other Native Americans of all tribes to join him in a foreign land, the governments of the United States and Texas sent agents to bring him back, forcibly if necessary.