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If you get the opportunity between dates with the women in Costa Rica, travel to a few sites outside of San Jose during your tour.

It is not news that Costa Rica is a sex destination, famous for legal prostitution and escorts virtually waiting for Gringos at the airport.

Many foreigners who want to have a wild vacation choose this country specifically for that reason.

There are Web sites that advertise sex tourism just like any other type of tourism.

Rico (Costa Rica Confidential) and Dan (Costa Rica Guy's Trip) talk each week about sex, women, dating, and what is takes to get laid in Costa Rica.Whether one is paying for escorts or just found a nice girl casually, Ticas seem to always charm male foreigners.Therefore, even though a tourist may consider Costa Rica a paradise for a playboy-like lifestyle — and while many do live like that — there is a group of male expats who have ruined their lives since getting involved with Ticas.Costa Rica previously had an agriculture-based economy.However, being peaceful compared to its neighbors, it has become a major tourist destination due to its abundance of beaches, rainforests, wildlife, and volcanoes.