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Hooker [Bobbs-Merrill Company: Indianapolis IN] 1981(p. 67) "English settlers in teh seventeenth century ate three meals a day, as they had in England...

For most people, breakfast consisted of bread, cornmeal mush and milk, or bread and milk together, and tea.

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More and more couples are splitting up as they grow older.

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Husband and wife realize that the person sitting across from them seems unfamiliar.

Ideally positioned in downtown San Antonio, and only two blocks from the River Walk, the iconic hotel offers exceptional views of the historic Alamo and luxurious accommodations.

In fact, a quarter of all divorces now involve those over 50.

Reflecting this trend, the New York Times began a new feature on their Sunday Vows page called ‘Unhitched-Lessons Learned When It’s All Over’.