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In case you didn’t know, tomorrow is National Registered Dietitian Day.

I’ll be back to share my second annual round-up of RDs who blog, but for today, in honor of my first National Registered Dietitian Day, Mr.

I got an email from a reader a few weeks ago, and then a similar email from another reader a week or so later. Because I never want women to feel this way, but unfortunately it’s hard to escape in our society. Stuck between accepting (and even loving) your body the way it is and at the same time wanting men to be physically attracted to you.

Especially with the 2017-app-infested-dating-world where you make it through the first round based on looks alone. And I think what the emails whittled down to was yes, deep down knowing that the right guy will “accept you as you are.” But how do you, as a woman, fully accept your natural body and at the same time, believe a man will accept it to?

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I thought I’d take the opportunity to channel my inner “Jeff Foxworthy” and share some of my revelations.

For example, doctors thoroughly understand the detection and treatment of a broad range of health issues.I’ve sat on this question for about 6 weeks now and all that keeps coming back to my heart and head are these two sentences.Genuine men almost always accept a woman’s body before she does.Doctors are the first point of call for most people seeking medical help.They have to be able to recognise and diagnose an incredible variety of diseases and conditions.