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The French have what is undoubtedly the most complex system of hallmarks in the world, and the most difficult to read.The question I hear most often at antiques shows is, How do you know whether something is silver?On the reverse side, you usually find an indented mark or series of marks that holds a wealth of information about the item -- not only what it's made of, but sometimes also where, when, and by whom it was made.This applies to hollowware -- such as cups, bowls, teapots, and vases -- too.

This standard -- 92.5 parts pure silver to 7.5 parts copper alloy, which strengthens the softer silver -- was established by the English during the 12th century and later adopted by most of the silver-making world, including the United States in 1868Many people think of coin as much less valuable than sterling, but it has only about 2 percent less silver and, in some cases, may even contain more.These five nations have, historically, provided a wealth of information about a piece through their series of applied punches.It should be noted that since 2015 visually identical UK Hallmarks are being struck in India and Italy by sub-offices of Birmingham & Sheffield Assay Offices respectively: London assay office hallmarks on the back of a waiter, or small square salver.It is a form of consumer protection, whose origin goes back almost 1000 years.There are so many different hallmarks found on British silver that to know all of them would be impossible.