Dating mumbai girls

Here is a video made by viral videos group Being Indian that shows the anchor travel around the city of Mumbai asking youngsters if they used Tinder and what their thoughts were about the dating app. ’ – the video anchor goes on to ask youngsters, working class people, foreigners and even street vendors and beggars of Mumbai!People use it for socialising, random hook-ups and for finding new friends on the Internet – or so they say! Some of the reactions and remarks by the people are absolutely hilarious and shows us why Mumbai is such a happening city.

Know about Girls in Mumbai, there Lifestyle, Some insight about those hard working city women, Bit of culture and way this beautiful women be in city.Days have gone when there were shy Indian girls, But still in this fastest growing Mumbai, culture is always respected by major Mumbai women.Responsibilities because of the lifestyle and high cost of living has made lots of women to go and Work & take their position for jobs in Mumbai which was not seen so much in old Mumbai days, women preferred to be housewives and comparatively very few were out to work, Mumbai local trains are full with employed women during office hours.Their preferred wearing a skater dress, or jeans and a shirt or top, minimal, nude-ish or pinkish make-up, and liked keeping their hair loose.While this look may come off as fairly safe, it doesn't mean it does not make impact, or isn't well thought out.