Dating pewter plates

Two grades of pewter were specified, and then later a further grade was added, and these three grades were adhered to until the 20th century.The 15th and 16th centuries are described as the Golden Age for pewter manufacture, a time when even grand houses used pewter as well as silver for domestic use and a time which preceded the introduction of mass-produced ceramic wares, which ultimately replaced pewter, especially plates and drinking vessels.Known as "the poor man's silver", production spread throughout the country with a wide range of mainly domestic goods being made.

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net, SHEFFIELD PLATE ITS HISTORY, MANUFACTURE, AND ART Bv HENRY NEWTON VEITCH "The first serious attempt at a comprehensive history of this essen- tially English branch of metal work. Gilt plate somehow or other generally suggests brass, and there is an element of distraction in its frequently ornate richness.

Door push plates protect the wood of a door which closes automatically, usually on swinging doors or doors with a pull handle on one side.

These solid brass and iron push plates are faithfully recreated from classic designs and available in a variety of finishes to match your home's decor.

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You will find examples dating from the 17th century through to the end of the 19th century; representing pewter used in everyday domestic life along with tavern wares and pewter items made for other purposes.