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I know that Triad added that little copper strip on the power supply and went from cloth to vinyl/plastic insulation in 57-58, any other similar identifiers for Schumachers?The seller wants a ton of money, particularly in this market and I'd really like to confirm the OTs authenticity.introduced in 1972 and this particular amp had transformers . Brown Bassman Transformers: Brownface Trem Pulse: Brownface .dating fender transformers Amp Technical Info . This notice has been set to show for all registered members. that Fender only used Schumacher transformers on amps made . Ezt a varázslatos hátteret Edoardo Tresoldi, olasz művész tervezte és építette meg dróthálóból Abu Dhabiban egy királyi eseményre.

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Wide bandwidth output transformers for Single Ended and Push-Pull vacuum tube applications.

I've had one '60 tweed that had one in there, but I really thought they rolled into production with tolex covered amps. Any other thoughts on whether the wiring in a '58 Schumacher should be cloth covered?

The ones I've seen have always been vinyl/plastic (read:not cloth), but I've never seen a Schumacher that was definitely from the 1950s.

Thanks for the help, MIke I have more gear than I need..not as much gear as I want..."Roll over Woodstock - we won!

" & "Music is life, and life is not a business." (Iggy Pop 3/15/10)"but lately one or two has fully paid their due for working for the clampdown...