Dating someone after a long term relationship

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The break-up of a relationship can be very damaging to our self-esteem, particularly when it comes to feeling attractive and sexy.

What’s more, in the security and intimacy of a long-term relationship, looking after our appearance can become a low priority; we may get out of the habit of looking for clothes that really suit us, or of spending time on grooming, because we associate these habits with our younger and (maybe) vainer selves.

However, your appearance is very important when you’re in search of a new partner – and not just because looking your best is a way of getting attention!

Both sexes are more attracted to people who take care over their appearance: by showing you care about how you look, you indicate that you want to be found attractive.

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Every person you meet and friend you make brings you one step closer to finding somebody that you may be interested in dating. If you think back on your history of exes and realize that they all share many of the same qualities, it may be time to step outside of your comfort zone by dating somebody that doesn’t fit the mold of your usual type.

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After the break-up of a long relationship, it can be almost frightening to be single again: you’ve relied for so long on another person to meet certain emotional, practical and financial needs.

However, one of the most liberating things about being single is the empowerment it brings: you realise that you have skills and talents for coping with life that have remained dormant for years and can now resurface.