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Here are six behaviors and attitudes that may indicate it's time to leave your marriage and move on.

Before you give up, explore counseling, which can be quite effective if there's an honest desire to change within both partners.

Eat healthy, exercise, and take good care of yourself. Here’s my advice: take care of yourself for both of you.

Ability to find love is fundamental to being happy in life.

I watched a video made by a man on how to keep your relationship alive and healthy. I have paraphrased his message, because when men talk, I pay attention.

There is much to learn, not only about keeping a relationship from falling apart, but also about the keys to attraction.

Cast Of Characters And if you want to check out any of these beautiful plants and flowers in more detail, here is the full cast of characters from our video slideshow.

The best authority on what men want is – you guessed it – a man!

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How many of you are in a relationship for any length of time and have forgotten the importance of compliments? This kind of ‘if only’ thinking is toxic to the relationship. Dating After 40: Make It Awesome Instead of Awful Tuesday, April 45 p.m. Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Feinberg Pavilion251 East Huron Chicago, Ill. Too many couples think no further than the honeymoon plans when contemplating marriage.Wow, in a year’s time, it grew so fast that it started growing on our attached pergola – an awesome sight from the kitchen bay window. The trick with this plant is, you need a lot of sun.If you water it on a regular basis, add a little plant food, use plant ties to help it grow in the desired direction, and it should do great for you too.