Dirty chatroulette no registration speed dating on addicting games

I feel so stupid and I'm just so worried that I've ruined my life forever if I get caught. And if there are thousands of people on there I can't imagine they would all get prosecuted? to chatroullette; the website specifically provides a TOS that states such activity is not allowed.I'm just freaking out because the few chats, and the chatroulette viewings, and now posting this question all seem to be adding up, and now I keep thinking the police are watching my every move and are going to knock on my door any second :''''(. EDIT: Also, in the grand scheme of things, is what I did so bad considering there was no solicitation or more drastic stuff like that? The last I heard, they are actually working on a program that would automatically terminate any participant that showed their genitals.Anyways after a few moments of "cybersex" they noticed they were being "nexted" and other people where looking at them with penis in hand (didnt have face exposed).Then, out of shame, and not wanting to expose themselves inappropriatly, quickly spammed next and closed the laptop.Not sure how it would work but I am not a computer programmer either.as such, unless you intentionally sought child porn, there was no intent to commit a crime.The first, already introduced above, is by providing games and activities that video participants can do together.It seems to be popular, since users have already taken two million photo snapshots with the program.

In fact, New York-based filmmaker Casey Neistat once described the site as “71% Boys, 15% Girls, 14% Perverts.” However, it doesn’t seem like Ternovskiy is fundamentally opposed to any nudity on Chatroulette.

However, if you visit the site, half of it is middle aged men showing penis's, and the rest drunks showing guns, or even some women exposing themselves. Theoretically in California if one went on just trying to have some funny chat sessions, and saw mostly penis's and guns, then decided to expirement themselves, and, after a few clicks, they get a middle aged woman pleasuring herself with a sign that said "play with me".

Noticing a new TOS on the site (stating you had to be 18 or older: and she was definitly over 18, and with all the penis's, one decides they could experiment, whats the harm?

I think I should start a collection of screen shots of 12 year olds flipping us off. I mean, 90% of the people there are trolling for boobs or showing their wieners, but it's still pretty entertaining. I had a job similar to this, chatting to random strangers, but they paid me well to put up with it.

Friends will come over to watch movies, and we'll end up drunk on chat roulette for hours instead. I actually prefer Omegle because the cam images are bigger.