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We stopped watching Degrassi once Manny Santos was gone.After her departure in 2010, Cassie Steele moved onto other projects, like focusing on her budding music career.She's a bit uptight, and controlling, so sharing a room with girls who she thinks are too wild and 'unladylike' for her, can actually turn out to be the best thing to ever happen for her as she gains friendships she never knew existed and also gains a love that could last forever with the towns 'bad boy', Sean Cameron. Emma was sweet, like candy, and Jay could be good but bad followed with him like poison. As if Emma doesn't have a lot to deal with already, now she's up against the guy she's in love with. Semma/ Emma left Degrassi, not Sean, and now years later she's back, in need of a break from her life in NYC and ex-fiance, Peter Stone. Meanwhile, Emma is dating Peter, and a little bored, that is until Jay comes in and brings passion back into her life, but brings trouble to his own by sleeping and falling in love with the enemy *Redone*JEMMA "I may be too cruel to Emma sometimes, but that didn't mean I didn't love her. A guy from Emma's school, Jay Hogart, tries to save her before it's too late. What if Emma & Jay began fooling around BEFORE the shooting? What if Emma finds out too that Jay was one of the reasons Rick did what he did. Doing this only to make Sean jealous, also makes Manny fall for Peter. Little mentions of Cranny If it weren't for the school bathroom trapping them. The girls aw'd and Sean grinned pulling away from Emma who blushed and watched him leave with Spinner. He loved partying, stealing, and most of all, he loved his Greenpeace. It wasn't easy as you'd think with all his wealth or connections. This is the guy she's loved since she was a little girl.. Will Sean risk reputation and dignity to win Emma back? Major SEMMA some Pe Ma After the shooting in season4 Sean was a 'hero' ... Sick of the fame and Ellie, will Emma take him back after he relizes what he loves and needed this whole time. Darcy, Ellie, Manny, Paige and Emma get trapped&Emmas pregnen Emma is Skinny's sister, he's a gang leader.

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Taking Ecstasy and Losing Control Ashley takes ecstasy at a party.Lies, secrets, betrayal, insecurity, tragedy, triumph; they all play a part in the rise and the fall of one of the greatest love stories to ever be told. Lucas comes to realization that Brooke is the one for him after all that has happened, but proving that to her won't be easy. Emma Nelson is ready to start her junior year at Degrassi. Simpson's replacement turns out to be a familiar face, there is only one person who is able to fight off Emma's bad memories of the frightful night the summer before seventh grade. Now, Season 4, will things change now that they're older and their love becoming stronger? What if Emma & Jay hooked up AGAIN when Sean came back to Degrassi, and while she was dating Peter? She just wanted to forget about Sean & the fights with Peter, she wanted a distraction, something easy & fun.. to keep her heart safe, she tries to avoid anything with Sean, but he's desperate to have her. Picks up where Sean left for the army, breaking Emma's heart.She needs to know he's in it for the long haul this time around. Will the drama turn out differently now that their going through it together or get worse? 2 years later, the end of time is near..a zombie outbreak. Ellie moved out and Seans still at degrassi after the shooting. She was represented by B&M Models in Toronto, appearing in a 2007 ad campaign for MXM , modeling for Torrid, and campaigns for Nygard. Out of the whole original group, Shane’s the only one to return to Paige Michalchuk was the popular girl everyone hated but secretly wanted to be.Sometimes she redeemed herself, other times we were rooting against her.