As the bastions of truth and sexism known for their reasonable conduct, Gamergaters have taken to Twitter and engaged in yet another harassment campaign.

For those unfamiliar with Bioware Face, it is a genetic trait found in Bioware’s characters, where every time they talk or emote, they look slightly…unnatural.

For my research, I will survey teenagers about a variety of topics regarding health and sex in order to better understand their current comprehension.

Users with full-body shots as their main photos receive 203 percent more messages and are 33 percent more likely to get a response to their outgoing messages.

As a kid growing up in Southern California in the '60s I was influenced by the work of car culture icon Ed "Big Daddy" Roth and surf culture artist Rick Griffin.

My first day on the job was spent cleaning pigeon manure out of old neon signs.

Since I showed up the next day my boss, Fred Smith let me paint the eyes on Jack in the Box Restaurant clown heads.