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Un film à la fois intello, artificiel et finalement grotesque avec un Matthieu Amalric qui se complaît dans son rôle (un de plus) de quinquagénaire tourmenté, alcoolique et paumé.

Quant au "film dans le film" , mise en abyme sûrement géniale aux yeux de certains...

Ecological variation influences the appearance and maintenance of tool use in animals, either due to necessity or opportunity, but little is known about the relative importance of these two factors.

Here, we combined long-term behavioural data on feeding and travelling with six years of field experiments in a wild chimpanzee community.

In the experiments, subjects engaged with natural logs, which contained energetically valuable honey that was only accessible through tool use.

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We investigated possible attraction (and repellency) between the sexes of two braconid wasps belonging to the same genus, the gregarious parasitoid, , the males were repelled by mated females, as well as by males of their own species.

This repellency of mated females was only evident hours after mating, implying a change in pheromone composition.

Males of The reproductive success of parasitoids is tightly linked to the females’ ability to find hosts for their offspring, but optimal foraging for food and mates is also essential to maximize adult lifespan and fitness.

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