Free swing hookup

Apollo 1550ETL Swing Gate Opener APPLICATIONS: Battery Operated, Solar or AC Charged Swing Gate Operator.Recommended for Residential, Farm and Ranch, and Light Commercial applications. Apollo recommends a maintenance-free, deep cycle marine battery – 105 amp./hour.

The original Keitech Swing Impact swimbaits are offered in three sizes: 3, 3.5 and 4".

The 1550 ETL model utilizes our advanced circuit board, which offers the popular soft start/soft stop feature, as well as additional inputs for a firebox, monitor lights, a lock, siren and strobe lights.

Unlike other operators on the market, the 1550 ETL model actually learns and stores in memory both the current limit settings and the length of the actuator stoke, creating a default setting for future cycles – allowing for longer operator life and greater safety.

The regular Swing Impact swimbait is great for spotted and smallmouth bass when attached to a light swimbait head used on spinning gear.

Anglers fishing extremely clear water conditions often use fluorocarbon line as light as 5lb test and make long casts to elicit strikes from highly pressured, finicky bass.