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" the 52-year-old shared on the morning show at the time. \" the 52-year-old shared on the morning show at the time. With all the love I've ever had in my life—and I've had the best love—I've never ever imagined I could feel this."\"Can you believe I have a daughter?“Today” show host Hoda Kotb, 52, announced Tuesday that she has adopted a baby girl, Haley Joy.Kotb, a co-anchor of the NBC morning program, added that the baby was born on Valentine’s Day.A picture of Kotb holding the child was shown on air while Kotb, who is taking time off work, called in to “Today” to reveal the news.Kotb’s on-air partner, Kathie Lee Gifford, told Kotb that she was “made to be a mom.” According to “Today’s” website, Haley is Kotb’s first child.The daughters, in their 20s, approached Kotb at Barnes & Noble in Tri Be Ca Wednesday night, handing over pictures of their dad and a note with “10 Reasons Why You Should Date Our Father.” Bethenny Frankel, who also stopped in, then told the women to call their dad, who’s divorced and lives in the West Village.He came to the store to meet Kotb, and they all dined at the Indian restaurant Baluchi’s.

Another insider added, “It is not clear if Billy remembered the exact level of vulgarity in the conversation with Trump, or if he instead realized its news value and didn’t declare it to protect himself.” Meanwhile, Bush could also be investigated by NBC for any signs of possible workplace sexual harassment because of the comments made during his vile video chat with Trump about his ex-“Access” co-host Nancy O’Dell. Besides, don't you know black people can't be Nazis? Please check your email and click on the link to activate your profile.Their relationship ended amicably in 2012 — just in time for her to meet and fall in love with Joel! Tell us, Hollywood Lifers — Are you happy to hear about Hoda’s new boyfriend?