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They go to school to develop many skills – including critical thinking skill.

And though many show up in all their naiveté and gullibility, still, it is not a reason or an excuse for them to be taken advantage of.

Crossdressers, Transvestites, Male to Female (Mto F) and Female to Male (Fto M), intersexed or genderqueer.

Basically, if your gender isn't easily defined, you might just find a home here.

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I also went to price a DC motor and the guy selling was asking if I wanted to use it for a "fueless" generator (so he could he jack the price up I guess).

He claimed a couple of guys have bought from him for that purpose.

He says the output energy almost equate the energy needed to charge the battery. I have seen a dc motor that was modified and runs cold.

In many ways, Nigerian institutions of higher learning are no different from other such institutions around the world: They are confronted with several contending issues such as budget cuts, plagiarism, cheating during exams, alteration of data by researchers, unhealthy rivalry and tension between faculty members and between faculty and administration and between students and other echelons. To be sure, there is not a teaching and learning institution anywhere in the world where such — séx between students and faculty and between students and staff — is not a concern. What makes the Nigerian context different is the propensity, the frequency and the severity of the aforementioned.

Parents send their children to school to learn, no to be harassed and séxually molested.

), URNot Alone (URNA has provided FREE services to the Transgendered Community.

We provide ALL of our basic services to the public for FREE.