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Oddly enough, we didn't turn around at the end of the street. We arrived in Lee Vining around 10am, and did the mandatory stop at Whoa Nellie Deli, the gourmet restaurant inside the Chevron gas station at the intersection of the Tioga Road and Highway 395.

After the amazing breakfast croissant and some cappuccino, we headed up the Tioga Road, and picked up our permits at the Tuolomne Wilderness Office.

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In the app there are 'chatrooms' including Everyone and Nearby.

The former searches for all users, while the latter applies to people within Bluetooth and Wi-Fi range.

It takes advantage of the same i OS 7 tool Apple uses for its Air Drop feature, pictured right Instead of sending messages using mobile or data signal, the features lets users send messages to people in close proximity that are in Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Direct range - up to around 30 feet (9 metres).

Sony SRS-XB40 has a built-in multi-coloured line light, speaker lights and a flashing strobe.

Christy had never seen a High Sierra Camp, and Steve and I felt like stretching our legs, so we hiked up to May Lake (2.4-3.0 miles, depending on which sign you believe) On our way down to Yosemite Valley we almost were hit head-on by a car driving completely on our side of the road. We'll be setting out early tomorrow so we wanted to know how long to get to THE BEGINNING. Still trying to figure out where everything fits best. There is a bridge across the Merced River, which even this late in a dry season was flowing well. I had never heard anything about it, except that it was good for camping to do Half Dome. There is a ranger station, but we did not go out of our way to see it.You are free to view their profiles and make friends online.There are excellent trail guides available through bookstores, REI, and That was a close encounter, and would certainly have stopped our trip before we started. After a wonderful night's sleep at Curry Village, we started our journey. So we went back to bed until , got up, made coffee, and were were out the door at real time. Yesterday we had seen that Yosemite Falls was dried up, and Bridalveil just a whisper. It is absolutely gorgeous, with tall pine trees, and the river running through it. After a short, flat walk we started climbing again, 2 miles on a well-worn trail to the Half Dome junction.We woke up at , ate some sweet rolls and drank half of our protein drink. There were about 30 people who passed us very early, day-hiking to Half Dome. By this time it was pretty warm so we were glad to see the signs.