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Idris Elba has had an undeniably successful career as an actor and is currently experiencing a high point in that regard.He has both been nominated for and won many awards.The fact that he has Madonna as his moral support also puts him in a class of his own. It might not be a good idea to gossip about his relationship with Madonna.Well, apparently it started some rumours online that the two could be dating.“The idea is to make it more of a living-room sort of thing – a house party,” he says of his decision to play Ibiza Rocks.Even though the guest-list last night stretched to a whopping 1,000 people – and even considering his still somewhat unproven DJ credentials – Elba could easily have parlayed his celebrity status into playing one of the big-ticket, big-fee Ibizan superclubs.In fact, a three-part documentary on his journey will hit Discovery Channel soon. However, the two have been vocal that their relationship is strictly platonic.

The Golden Globe winner also looked back on his dreams to become a professional fighter.

Yesterday, Elba was sequestered outside London, on the hush-hush set of a huge fantasy movie he’s not supposed to talk about.

It was a long way, in every sense, from the role with which he began 2014, playing the lead in Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom.

Following his win she shared a picture of the Luther star and wrote, “K.

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