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Pay attention to the response and see if there are any follow up questions that you could ask to keep conversation flowing.Be sure to keep asking questions about your companion until you stumble on the topic that gets the conversation really going. Many people can, and some people cannot so know which one you are before you even try.

The seven areas used in this app are some of the most important:1. Don't be surprised if you end up spending an hour on just one question, as it's common for a question to spring board you into other topics for discussion.Discover each other's thoughts on values, goals, habits, sex, ideals, likes, dislikes, money...things normally too personal to ask about on a date, yet important to discuss. You can either use the questions in a particular category you wish to explore, or go to the "Mixture of ALL CATEGORIES" section to get random questions from all the categories.Use this app as a simple, fun tool to stimulate conversation, or use it to challenge yourself and partner about attitudes and beliefs. Regardless of how you choose the questions, take turns reading a question and then answering it, then have your dating partner answer the question as well.Once you have finally gotten the ice broken and the conversation is flowing, try to avoid the talk killers.Skip politics, religion and stories about your crazy Aunt Janet on a first date.