Intimidating features

They walked in, hit me, interrogated me and detained me." , an annual publication that ranks governments' treatment of journalists.

The occupied Palestinian territories - including the PA-controlled West Bank and the Hamas-administered Gaza Strip - earned the 138th ranking.

So I explained the perceived problems and made some mockups for a redesign. I would guess that like my first comment it will likely come down to strategy and who you are trying to attract.

It didn't get the traction I was hoping for but I might commission a plugin later on. If it’s a place for people to go who know what they want to learn / are part of cause then it probably works, but for newbies it’s tough to get cozy with.

While there are some people who command respect because of their magnetic personality, others command respect because they are intimidating and can have their way with people.

Previous research has established that a face's width-to-height ratio (f WHR) is pivotal in influencing observer evaluations, as individuals with a high f WHR are perceived as intimidating along multiple dimensions.

There has been great work here on how to structure and nurture conversations, but less about new-user engagement.

Perhaps there features which could be built in to discourse which would guide new users into the forum. Apart from features, what are some best-practices for welcoming new and non-technical forum participants?

Back in 2011, he was arrested for criticising medical services in Bethlehem.

As with any Players Championship week, much of the talk is centered around one specific hole at TPC Sawgrass -- the iconic, par-3 17th.

The hole measures no more than 130 yards when it's playing its longest -- a pitching wedge for most guys.

Specifically, high-f WHR individuals are considered untrustworthy, aggressive, and prejudiced.

Unlike other facial features involved in intimidation, f WHR is dependent upon bone structure and thus static.