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But if you are invited over to someone’s place to hang out and don’t leave or do anything, that’s a non-date. It could turn into a date if both people want it to turn into a date, but it’s not presumed. I once found myself on a date that turned into a non-date the minute he told me all of his friends were meeting us at the concert. If the plan for your date was to go over to one of your places and cook dinner and watch a movie, fine. If colleague/co-worker/friend asks you to get together to talk business, that’s a non-date. You should not assume that there is any romantic future awaiting you on your non-date.

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Receiving his texts to another woman moments after our date had ended made me feel like a girl dressed up for prom, only to look out the window to see her date pin a corsage on the girl next-door. It was fair for me to assume that it was a date because, that is what it was. After years of dating, I’ve learned that as hard as it is, clarity in communication seems to be the best way to take care of yourself in a world full of vague dates.10 major differences between a date and “hanging out” A date: “What are you doing on Friday?There’s a new exhibit at the Art Science museum and I was wondering if you’d like to go with me.”A hangout: “Let’s chill sometime next week.”An invitation for a date will be way more specific than an invitation to hang out.Or worse, to come prepared for a romantic evening only to realise that your date had completely misread your intentions.Here’s how to tell whether you’re on a date or whether you’re just hanging out.