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So I bought the book and read it in a day and a half, and I got hooked and read the full three before I even got cast. Greene: Well, the film's a little different from the book. It's a new experience to get to do that kind of stuff, even though in the book, the fight scene is a little different than in the script. Greene: The first two weeks I was in Oregon was strict training, [and] there was no shooting. Greene: The baseball scene is in the book, and it's a pivotal scene in the story. I've never played baseball in my life, so it was a lot of training. MTV: In the books, the various automobiles are very important. The way they're putting the cameras, it'll be movie magic, I guess. Greene: Well, she can see the future — that's pretty freakin' cool. I also love the fact that she's such a good-hearted character. MTV: She also takes great pride in being a vampire. Alice doesn't remember her past, and I think if anyone has looked into it, she was thrown into a mental institution, because that's what they did in the 1920s when you weren't normal.But script-wise, of course I'm really excited about the fight scene. There was a lot of baseball, because there's a baseball scene. Bella [Stewart] realizes that there's danger being involved with vampires, and we go out to this clearing to play baseball, and it's superhuman and fun, and that's where the bad vampires first enter the story. I'm actually pitching overhand fastballs, so you can imagine someone who has never thrown a ball in her life! We weren't sure if we were going to have to use a double, but I'm getting to do it, and that's what we are actually shooting today. MTV: Are you even getting it over the plate, or are balls just flying all over the place? She could definitely be an evil, menacing, dark character, but she's not. And straight out of that mental institution, she comes to this family that just adores her and loves her.

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However, she soon discovers that the family is a coven of vampires.

And she also had a little something to say about throwing fastballs, sucking blood, fan acceptance and backlash and the only controversy you're ever likely to hear involving Rachael Leigh Cook. MTV: At what point did you become aware of the "Twilight" phenomenon?

Greene: I realized it was a book series, but then I was looking on IMDb and saw a bunch of entries already. It's a Mercedes, and Jackson [Rathbone, who plays Jasper] and I were sitting in it and were like, 'He got the good end of the deal! They released a picture of the whole cast, and it was pretty short in that. MTV: Your set was recently infiltrated by a group of women who call themselves the Twilight Moms.

I read the books once I found out about the project. ' MTV: How faithful are you staying with the character of Alice as described in the book? Greene: Uh, that's the biggest complaint about me actually; I'm 5-foot-5. What do you think of middle-age women crashing the set and snapping pictures? I mean, it's great, because I think everyone came into it being like, 'We have a young following, and we have some die-hard fans.' But then, we find out we have these moms with jobs and kids and lives that actually adore the story just as much as the teenage kids!

My managers told me about the meeting, and there was no script, no breakdown. I can understand why there's such a big fanbase around it. MTV: What's the one scene in the book that you can't wait to see on the big screen? ' They're more concerned with the speed than the aim. I've gotten to see all the Cullen cars, and that was pretty cool. I'm much, much taller than Alice is described, but who is 4-foot-10 anyways? Greene: Yeah, we're trying our best to balance that out, as far as the height thing is concerned. MTV: Which of Alice's characteristics excites you the most?