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Brian hadn’t started swiping away yet by the time we spoke, but said he wasn’t listing himself as “willing to convert” and had made it clear on his profile that he was not Jewish. We are for anyone and everyone who celebrates Jewish culture and is interested in having that be a part of their lives now or in the future.” Let me be clear here — I have the utmost respect for anyone who can launch a successful dating app and get a huge user base in less than a year. But I strongly disagree with his light hearted acceptance of “anyone and everyone” who wants to date a Jew.David Yarus, the founder of Jswipe, also seems to be ok with the possibility that Jews on his app might meet (and marry) non Jews: “I remember seeing a tweet that said ‘Going on my first JSwipe date, and neither of us are Jewish’,” he laughed. It might be a answer to Jewish continuity through marriage. A site billing itself as the premiere Jewish dating venue shouldn’t put dollars before Jewish continuity. Definitely not the majority, but seemingly not an insignificant percentage either.

Due to different calendars Western and Eastern Easter celebrations in 2013 will be a month apart: 31 March and 5 May. However, even with these instructions there would still be differences over how to carry out these instructions.

A common Easter date would do little to heal the differences over more significant issues like the Filioque and the Pentarchy.

Differences over dates and fasting practices should not be grounds for excommunication.

Actually, for every familiar face you may see on JSwipe, there are definitely a fair few you wouldn’t expect–namely people outside the tribe.

There’s a reason for the “willing to convert” or “other options.” Yarus didn’t give me exact numbers on how many people registered with the app aren’t Jewish, but I found a gentile JSwiper within about 12 hours of seeking out the general population of users.