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Love spent most of her childhood in Rome, Geneva, and Paris.

She returned to the United States to attend the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, where she studied painting, and was accepted into the prestigious Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture residency.

Many American and European women consider their career the top priority in life.

They want to climb the career ladder and realize themselves in their jobs. Their views are often incompatible with the views of Western men who still want to have traditional families where a man is a head of the family and a woman is a loving wife and caring mother.

What if we told you make-believe relationships are now a great commodity that those bullies from high school may be willing to pay for now?

We’re not talking about paying for an actual relationship, but about an app that will create a believable partner for you to show your family when they get a bit too inquisitive.

Online dating has been gaining its popularity since it’s a convenient way to meet your destiny who can be miles away from you.

Longer and colder nights call for adding an item or two to our regular nightgowns. According to several polls from Europe and the United States, more and more people are admitting to sleeping naked, or in very light outfits.In Boston, she booked her first modeling job with renowned fashion photographer Arthur Elgort and shortly thereafter returned to Paris to pursue modeling full-time.In 1985, Love moved to Los Angeles, and in 1987, she took over the West Coast helm of Interview.Check out these fun facts and find out if your bed habits are different from the average.(more…) Read More Imaginary friends and, even worse, made-up boyfriends or girlfriends were stuff of universal mockery in your early years, maybe – a sure way to get yourself bullied by your schoolmates.