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For competitive couples, we've designed a game option that allows for wagering, bluffing and daring to beat your partner.

Sex is Fun includes 94 playing cards that will take your sex play to new heights and open the door to conversations and closeness that few relationships achieve.

Draw a "Sexy Surprise" and find out how your partner responds to your touch when you follow the secret directions.

For fearless couples "Kinky Action" will take your passion in a whole new direction.

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In fact it is only a problem if it means there is an imbalance between our desires and those of our partner, if it makes our partner feel unloved and frustrated, or if we ourselves feel unhappy because of it.

It is also important to remember that most people are having much less sex than everyone else thinks, as has been shown by many surveys.

Based on two years of listener feedback garnered from the insanely popular podcast series Sex is Fun, this game is designed specifically to help couples communicate about sex.

This game strives to prove that nothing is too taboo to talk about in a loving and caring relationship.