Phoenix firmware updating failed

Follow this guide at your own risk, in case anything goes wrong with your device, N8 Fan Club will not be held responsible.

We have tested this process several times and it worked for us 100%.

The auto-rotation recovery mode is not in a range that can arm the ESC now.

NOTE: Clearing Phoenix Ice & Ice HV data log Power your controller up with your TX & RX on and set to full throttle. is Please write anything you notice, do differently or know more "THINGS that could happen" in the comments I recommend Phoenix 2012.04for N8, C7, E7, X7, C6-01, E6, 700, 701, 603 & 500 and Phoenix 2012.16for 808, if you ever installed a higher version of Phoenix, then you must deinstall it first.

Get it and install it to Windows with your Anti-Virus OFF. If you can't trust me, then stop here, because if you don't turn your anti-virus off, then you can NOT flash If you don't believe me, then Google it, and every flashing or installation guide worldwide will tell you the same.

" because if you don't have full access configured in your computer, then extracting stuff to C: will get denied. Most of the time you will only use the emmc, when flashing back to original firmware, for example when you want to sell your phone so in my case I will click the red emmc and then push delete.

Some times one of those files is missing, and that cause the error message. In order to solve the problem, click on "Options" button. A window will appear where You could identify the missing file: highlighted in red. If You press the "Update firmware" button instead of "Refurbish", that error message won't appear.

In that case the file for memory card content is missing. You could see that this file is optional, so it could be deleted by "Delete" button, or select an another memory card content file by pressing the "Edit" button. The "Update firmware" option will not erase user data, because it this case only the Image (MCU) and PPM (language) files are flashed on phone.

You will have to satisfy a -0- condition before the ESC will arm.

The ESC must see -0- throttle to get to a soft start condition.