Pisces male and leo female dating rapper trina dating james harden

This is the positive point which builds up the strong affection between them.Leo appreciates her tranquillity and compassion whereas she is fascinated by his muscle power.Pisces man is notorious for choosing the wrong woman, he tends to be unlucky in love and have dating relationships full of peril.When confronted with complicated issues, he tends to retreat into his dream world and wears his "rose colored glasses".This is why Pisces man can be very temperamental and pretend there is nothing wrong when your relationship is on rocky ground.When life is not going so well, he can be very hard on himself and very self destructive so it is better for him to live in denial.

This is an admirable trait and one that the Pisces woman will certainly appreciate since many Pisceans like to drift along with life's currents rather than taking charge in any given situation. Women born under the sign of Pisces are the dreamers of the zodiac.Speaking about the compatibility horoscope of the couples, one needs a good understanding of the prototype of the zodiac sings, Pisces and Leo, from the animal world - is there something in common among them?Probably, Pisces from the depths pay attention to Leo's high stature and powerful image, but the king of beasts himself is attracted to Pisces, most likely, by its ability to vary its daily diet.The gentle Pisces is a water sign who leads with her heart and is very family oriented.Lions are high spirited and want to lead in any situation.