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Although I touch on the implications or effects of technology, the focus in this article is on Christ, His Teachings, His values, and the moral and the spiritual life that He commanded us to live.

I focus on His Church in our lives, on living a life of Christ in the nuclear family, the (Morelli, 2009), and the interiorization of Christ which we are all called by our Baptism to attain so that we may “become partakers of the Divine Nature.” (2 Pt 1:4) The generational contrast alluded to above dawned on me after watching the evening news as is my custom, while preparing dinner.

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Not to idealize a certain era or a previous generations, but I can personally attest that the world of my childhood was dramatically different from the world of today.

This observation is all the more interesting, remarkable and self-evident when the technological changes are considered.

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He never do anything that could be exploited to harm or hinder communication between the players.

Adultery, fraud, extortion, fornication and sexual promiscuousness have most likely existed since the first sin of our ancestral parents.

Yet the stark difference between past tims and the present generation is that we did not have a communication and cyber-technology industry to so extensively report on these offenses and promote deviant activities.

Hardcore Gambino fans that have accessed the script Glover penned to accompany pointed out at the time, was protected and only accessible via a password found in the aforementioned screenplay.

The site also pointed out that despite Chance the Rapper’s breakout status, he relegated to singing the hook and adding a guitar solo to the song instead of the traditional rap verse usually found on such collaborations.