Porsha dating again

It’s no secret that she doesn’t know how to control her anger, especially in the company of Kenya Moore, but it sounds like she’s working on herself.According to a new #RHOA Porsha Williams Reveals She’s Dating An Ex Named ‘Stewart’ & Says Her Costars Are ‘Meaner Than Ever’ Season 9 https://t.co/5RIg01a4n N pic.twitter.com/c2ms EMHn Zq — All About The Tea (@All About The Tea_) October 25, 2016 “I’m taking counseling, which is something I’m a really big fan of, therapy. Getting back closer to family as well and saying, ‘yes’ to things more. Sometimes life can wear you down,” Williams explained during the interview, according to Just last week, her ex-husband Kordell Stewart did an interview, where he talked about his brand new tell-all book.C., weren't fans of his Instagram posts alongside Porsha in a skimpy bikini. Porsha appropriately pointed out that if he didn't know what his intentions were with her, it was kind of lame that he sacrificed his job."I work for a conservative individual," Todd explained. He mumbled something about how he wanted to "enjoy" her."Child, if people lost their jobs for wanting to enjoy a girl, nobody would have jobs." This might have been the smartest thing Porsha has ever said.I want to show a man I love him, so no, in that fact, no, I don't love him." Porsha then went on to say she would not take Kordell back even if he came crawling., reality star Porsha Williams reveals that fans will be getting an even closer view into her life through the show touching on intimate topics such as her love life and dipping back into dating."This season on (airing Monday)."I'm taking counseling, which is something I'm a really big fan of, therapy. Getting back closer to family as well and saying, 'yes' to things more. Sometimes life can wear you down."Williams continued to explain that she stopped holding blessings back from happening, and it ultimately led to rekindling an old flame."The power of yes!

"But I ran into some issues at work about social media." Apparently, the people he worked for in Washington, D.Maybe Williams will open up about these instances on the new season, but it sounds like someone close to her encouraged her to seek some professional help.These days, Porsha has been going to a therapist to talk about her issues.Porsha Tells Todd He's Scary Porsha called Todd's decision "hasty" and was clearly irked that he hadn't run it by her first (though to be fair, it sounded like they didn't give him a whole lot of time to decide). Todd said she wanted "a family," but that seemed like maybe more along the lines of what he wanted. Despite her clear annoyance with him, she admitted that she did."Your uncertainty is scary as hell," she said."I love you. Still, this rash decision had left a very bad taste in her mouth.