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At the age of sixteen, with both parents' consent, she officially changed her name to Norah Jones.Jones always had an affinity for the music of Bill Evans and Billie Holiday, among other "oldies".martinez became his first stop for unreleased music during the earliest days of his career.'s friendship with jay z weathered that night, and he's come to chat with martinez several times since.martinez admits she and williams haven't spoken since, she salutes williams' success as a talk show host.Although it was successful, he was in label limbo for many years afterward, continuing to record but rarely able to release any of his output.(One album, Kamaal the Abstract, was ready to roll into stores in 2002 when it was halted; it was finally released by Jive in 2009.) His sophomore set finally appeared in late 2008 and earned its title, The Renaissance.

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Q-Tip then mounted a solo career with the 1999 release of Amplified.

the past fifteen years have seen public figures, such as martinez, release books.

kelly announced from the stage of madison garden that two people had come at him with guns backstage and he couldn't finish the concert.

The longtime MC with pioneering alternative hip-hop trio A Tribe Called Quest, rapper Q-Tip was born Jonathan Davis in New York City on November 20, 1970.

While a student at the Murray Bergtraum High School for Business Careers, he co-founded A Tribe Called Quest with fellow students Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Phife (Malik Taylor) in 1988.