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Does anyone know of any decent sites where I can chat to people and get to know them? I cant talk to my friends about it because im scared they will think im coming onto them. I would really prefer to chat to someone first before even seeing a picture of their 'bits' (impossible on these dating websites) I'm bicurious, married, my oh knows all about my fantasies and my intention to fulfil it.. Does anyone know of any decent sites where I can chat to people and get to know them? Maybe in chating I'll get to understand my feelings or even get some action lol I'd love to have sex with a woman and the thought of it is a massive turn on.Your biggest concern is the future and how things stand to play out if you’re unable to get things under control and you keep being bi on the down low. Is there anybody out there that has these feelings, other than me?!!!! In fact, we’ve all been in that same situation at some point in our lives.You find yourself walking down the street or in the mall. Rest assured knowing that you’re sure to meet many other bicurious or bisexual men just like you in our forums.

“Hooking up with other men, to me, is a non-complicated way of releasing sexual steam,” he explains.At the same token, some men are able to embrace their newfound feelings, while others may feel confused and not know where to turn.Cruising-for-sex spots, in Rock Creek Park and Meridian Hill Park, just to name two, are attractions. On July 8 at a.m., Bill, the 55-year-old from Boston, leaves this message: "I'm delighted to be a part of this group." He then talks about his wife and how her knowing of his same-sex attraction "threatens" and "hurts" her.Quite confused about it all at the moment I'm not bisexual but can totally understand why women would want to be with other women.We know what feels good and are soft and curvy lol its totally normal I think!