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The program helps people explore possibilities and pursue changes in their work, relationships and well-being. Whether you are looking to change careers or design your dream vacation, Life Reimagined can help you begin the process of making it happen!The Oklahoma State Reformatory (OSR) is an all male, state operated correctional institution located in Granite, Oklahoma.Level 1 offenders are required to register for fifteen years following expiration of their sentence.

Once you have read and acknowledged the information and disclaimer below, you may search the site by a specific offender’s name; obtain a listing of offenders by various combinations such as county, city, crime, appearance, etc.; or obtain a listing of offenders within a specified Oklahoma zip code or within a defined radius of an address.

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Available programs include literacy, GED, substance abuse education, Career Tech, life skills and anger management.

In addition, West Institutions provides oversight and monitoring for three private prisons housing Oklahoma inmates and two Halfway Houses. Boley, OK 74829-1908 Phone: (918) 667-3381 Fax: (918) 667-3959 Minimum Security Ken Klingler, Warden Vacant, Deputy Warden Velvin Thomas, Chief of Security Lexington Assessment & Reception Center PO Box 260 15151 Highway 39 Lexington, OK 73051-0260 Phone: (405) 527-5676 Fax: (405) 527-9892 Maximum/Medium/Minimum Security Jeorld Braggs, Warden Natalie Cooper, Deputy Warden Romon Jones, Chief of Security North Fork Correctional Center 1605 East Main Sayre, OK 73662 Phone: (580) 928-8000 Fax: (580) 928-8099 Medium/Maximum Security Tracy Mc Collum, Warden Bruce Bornheim, Deputy Warden David Tate, Chief of Security William S.

Sex dating in granite oklahoma