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They also showed them a photo of an adolescent girl whom they were told had been physically beaten by an adolescent boy.Unfortunate we can’t check it because she covered her pussy with her hands. In an extended take-down, the pop group are seen angrily questioning two men on why they wanted ‘cleavage’ and ‘midriff’ shots of the girls for the Polaroid Spice Cam advert they’re making.For the first time in this chaotic presidential race, Donald Trump has apologized for spewing sexism and misogyny — but critics immediately pounced on the clueless Republican, blasting him for pointing fingers rather than taking full responsibility.In a video statement recorded at Trump Tower and released shortly after midnight Saturday, Trump said he was sorry for telling NBC host Billy Bush in 2005 that "you can do anything" to women as long as "you're a star" — even "grab them by the p---y." "I've never said I'm a perfect person, nor pretended that I'm someone that I'm not," Trump opened the apology.