Sexy chats script

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Hi, I'm Katy, a 22 year old blue eyed blonde with 34DD boobs and a peachy bottom ripe for spanking.

Or do you have the urge to seduce your lover with words?

It’s the only way you can keep sex exciting and fun, even as the years roll by.

[Read: Top 50 kinky sex ideas to have a sexy relationship] And dirty talking, well, that’s one of the sexiest ways to keep the passion alive in a sexy relationship.

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The best way of keeping across these projects, what's on when, what's commissioned/broadcast/in the bin, is to follow me on Twitter, and on Facebook, or joining the mailing list. - More coming up include some entertainment shows for BBC1 and ITV... - The first person in 20 years to beat the gong at London's Comedy Store! The Comedy Store was one of only 2 clubs I ever went to as a comedy punter, so I thought it would be cool to play there, say, within my first 100 gigs.

I blog seldom, but it's there for reading if you fancy, see the above links. more info on Facebook/Twitter/my mailing list when I can say! A much better, fuller, and nicely laid out one is here, at NRH Management's website. It was gig no.99 - the revival of the infamous Gong Show, previously banned because of its detrimental effect on comedy.

Other general current projects: - Co-writing Not Going Out for BBC1. - I've got a sitcom pilot for Sky coming in a few months too, with a tip top name - again, more info when I can say... Winner of the BBC Radio Entertainment Contract Writer Titheridge Prize, Paul writes and script-edits for many comedies for BBC TV, Sky and other channels. As far as I'm aware, no either stand-up comic in the world lacks a bellybutton. Still, it's a good way of seeing lots of new acts at once, no matter how shit they are.

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