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Apparently in the week or so since his announcement, there have been some fans who claim his wedding is irresponsible towards his idol group and have also announced an their intention to shut down Eric fan sites.First off, those fans are ALL wrong, there isn’t even a gray area here and I’m usually all about nuances.But the nice part of all this is that Eric took time out to issue a second statement addressing these grievances and it’s full on leader takes charge mode that makes me love him even more.

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I don’t want to wait until we are all old and not popular and all lonely, to be resenting what we have sacrificed for Shinhwa these past tens of years.

Na Hye-mi rose to fame through MBC’s sitcom “High Kick! She had played the role of the girl who has a crush on Jung Il-woo.

She made her debut through the 2001 movie “Address Unknown,” and appeared in KBS1’s “Melody of Love” as well.

The media outlet named already checked with Junjin whether the rumors were false or true, and he was embarrassed by what he saw.

Junjin doesn't even have a girlfriend right now, and contrary to the reports, he was at Shin Hye Sung's concert on March 13 with his agency manager.