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is an automated tool for managing (installing, upgrading, and, uninstalling) of 64-bit part of alien BOB's multilib for slackware-64.

The 64-bit part of the multilib is a subset of packages which allows to turn a pure 64-bit slackware-64 into a multilib slackware-64.

When defined, this must be an array containing the basename of multilib packages to blacklist, which must not be installed.

You will not notice any performance benefits running 64-bit Slackware so we will be installing Slackware-13.37 32-bit with LVM.

This guide is based on a VPS with 480Mi B of RAM and 10Gi B disk; your settings may vary. You'll need to replace any instance of this with your own IPv4 address.

Luckily, KDE 5 is mature enough that there’s almost nothing left from old KDE 4 that you would really want.

What I usually do is: download all the ‘ktown’ packages for the new release to a local disk.