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When the TMZ cameras caught up with the star, asking him about the rumors, Smollett replied, "get up out my face about that, man -- that's a homie right there." Translation: they're just friends.

Actor and singer Jussie Smollett is one of the breakout stars of Fox's hit drama Empire, and while much of the buzz surrounding him has focused on his talents, there's also been plenty said about his sexuality. And, yes, I take her to the Sound of Music sing-along every single year. But honestly, we're human and we love and we do all that good stuff.

Josh Elliott, of ABC’s “Good Morning America,” and Marysol Castro, of CBS’ “The Early Show,” have been quietly dating, sources say.

An insider said the hunky newsreader and the pretty meteorologist have “leaned on each other during some tough times and are very close friends.” Divorced Elliott is a single father of Sarina, 2.

I just can't see Jussie dating a guy that's playing his boyfriend on an enormous TV series.

He seems too private to invite that kind of attention to his relationships. During the Empire cast’s 2015 BET Awards performance on Sunday, Jun.

On the show, he plays Jamal Lyon, a gay singer and the middle son of Lucious (Terrence Howard) and Cookie (Taraji P. In real life, Smollett's sexuality has been a topic of conversation, and now he's setting the record straight."There's never been a closet. I don't own a closet, I got a dresser, but I don't have a closet, but I have a home and that is my responsibility to protect that home. So that's why I choose not to talk about my personal life. So, let's not read into it in the wrong way when I say that I don't talk about my personal life, I'm saying that. So I'm honored for this opportunity and I'm honored to be here with you.""I'm not willing to confirm or deny anything. If someone is looking for a box to put me in, that's not going to happen," he said.

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However, her team later explained that she was never pregnant to begin with.

Before in the day you could rely on DL supplying good gosssip. Jussie and Rafael didn't even meet until their first day of filming on Empire! But working in television and ky-kyyying with the ghey hairstylist, make-up artist etc.. There is also a pic of Michael's alleged ex Antonio. Yeah none of that is confirming that Michael is his current BF. Once again, another gay black man who won't date another black man. I honestly think Jussie would go to great lengths to keep his lover a secret right now, because he says he wants to keep his private life private.

That has nothing to do with Jussie, he didn't even know Rafael then. Last time I dropped spoilers I got groaned to the high heavens on here. Nothing there but the regular chit chat and pics that have been up for months on Jussie's IG. Someone claims a gay hairstylist showed them pics of Jussie with his ass open and told them how Jussie likes to get eaten and fucked.

Sam even posted three different images of the pair hanging out together on his social media sites.

But Smollett, who plays Jamal Lyon on the hit FOX series, tells TMZ there's nothing going on between him and the famous football player.