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It can be dived any time irrespective of tides but weather conditions are a major factor because of its location.

The year 2017 will bring major changes to diving the wreck when it falls into the 100 year historical wreck legislation.

Initially the site, and particularly its name, ARRSE, caught the interest of military aircrew and the Army's Junior Staff College students, but grew rapidly beyond to all parts of the regular and reserve Army and all ranks.

Early mist will clear quickly to leave a fine, dry and warm day.

The wreck is well scattered over a wide area due to the various salvage operations carried out over the years.

In Northern Ireland drugs are divided into classes (A, B, C, etc.). Rather cloudy this morning, but good sunny spells too best during the afternoon and evening.Highest temperatures 19 to 24 degrees warmest inland. Met Éireann has carried out a 35-year very high resolution (2.5 km horizontal grid) regional climate reanalysis for Ireland using the ALADIN-HIRLAM numerical weather prediction system.When this happens, a licence from the department will be required to dive the wreck.More information on diving the wreck can be seen on Leigh Bishop’s web site, The story of the Laurentic All shipwrecks have a story behind them, depending on how why and when they met their doom, some have earned their place in maritime history while others are forgotten with time.